Is the cable park for everyone?


We advice not to use the cable park for:

  • People with serious back, shoulder og knee issues
  • Heavily pregnant
  • People unable to swim


And prohibits

  • People influenced by alcohol or narcotics


All use of the cable and other facilities at AWC is at your own risk

Do I have to book before visiting AWC?

Not if you want to come and hang out – however if you want to go on the water, then you need to book before your visit. Booking happens on our booking platform.

First you will need to create a user and afterwards you can buy membership, season pass and book your sessions.

What do i need to bring for a visit at AWC?

You only need to bring your bathing clothes (most prefer it under the wetsuit), a towel and your best mood!

All equipment (wetsuit, wakeboard, vest and helmet) is included.

Is it possible to get a shower?

Yep! We have a hot water shower, that you can use after your session. We have both indoor and outdoor changing rooms.


Before your visit at AWC, you need to book and pay for the session online on our booking portal. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, ApplePay or MobilePay.


You can cancel your booking up to 4 hours before the session starts and get a full refund within 5-10 weekdays. If you dont cancel your booking in due time, a refund is not available.


There are several paid car parks around Aarhus Ø that can be used.

Where can I the articles of the association?

AWC’s articles of accociation can be read here and you can read the summary of our latest general assembly from February 25th 2024 here.


Our annual report for 2023 can be read here. (In Danish)


Every year before the end of Februay, we organise our general assembly, where every member is welcome to here more about AWC and bring their input.

Data policy

We have data policy and your data is safe with us. You are welcome to read more about our data policy here. You can also read about how we treat personal information here.

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